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Our Whales

Check out all about all of our whales that we have adopted below.


With the unusual sideways "V" marking on his tail flukes, Lanakila (Lah-nah-key-la) was named for the Hawaiian word meaning "victory". Our researchers identified him as a male by swimming beneath him and photographing his underside.


Photographed underwater with a female in the Whitsunday Islands, this male whale appeared to be engaged in the early stages of courtship. Humpback whales are extremely private about romance, which is why our researchers were excited about capturing this.


Attacks by one or more orca whales is the likely cause of scarring on this female's tail. However, she obviously fought them off successfully, and has been resighted numerous times since 1985 in New Caledonia and the Whitsunday Islands.


A famous whale, Migaloo is an albino whale seen repeatedly in Hervey Bay. Each year, thousands of whalewatchers keep an eye out for this spectacular all-white animal.